Toilet factors for full bathroom renovation projects

A toilet is a necessity for any bathroom; however, getting the right one isn’t that easy. Therefore, many expert renovators in Melbourne make sure to prioritise getting it while planning for any projects. That’s because it can affect any bathroom renovations Melbourne Eastern Suburbs homeowners need.

For example, to provide great comfort for you and your family, you must get the best porcelain throne. It should flush water easily and should not bother you with untimely clogging. In addition, take note that its positioning on your bathroom can affect other installations inside the bathroom as well.

Haven’t seen toilets from a serious angle? Read on and know some considerations about it as you plan for a bathroom remodeling.

How toilets affect bathroom renovations Melbourne Eastern Suburbs wide


Here are a few important factors to remember when installing a new toilet.


It should connect with the soil pipe


The soil pipe collects wastewater from toilet or urinals. It’s installed during the construction of your bathroom. Renovators can’t move it to a different spot easily. Therefore, you can’t just point a different location for a new toilet.


This is definitely one of the vital bathroom renovation ideas to know. Note that you probably need to install a new toilet on a similar spot. However, renovators can modify your bathroom plumbing system on additional rates. And that means additional materials and hassles as well.


That’s when you can plan other revamps and installations in your bathroom.


It affects the layout of your bathroom


You can plan the bathroom layout after knowing the most suitable location of your toilet. Along with that, you should also be meticulous with the positioning of the tub, shower, sink and closet. You can add a tap near the toilet as well, if you need one.


Remember that this can possibly affect the plumbing and electric wiring system of your bathroom too. Therefore, you should consult the experts in bathroom renovations Eastern Suburbs has today about the plan.


It can make or break your bathroom theme


Yes, you should begin planning the layout after identifying the best toilet positioning. However, you can plan for certain bathroom themes beforehand. And a toilet can make or break such an idea easily.


For example, if you’re planning for an elderly-friendly bathroom or one that’s convenient for people with mobility problems, you can’t use a standard 17-inch toilet height for it. Instead, you should go for a 19-inch toilet height Melbourne can offer. The pros in bathroom renovations Melbourne Eastern Suburbs has these days can install grab bars beside it too.


Also consider other features before buying, such as appearance and advanced flushing technology. You can find elongated, compact elongated, or round front bowl shape for the appearance. Flushing technology has a few variants too, such as a single flush or dual flush. In addition, installing a bidet might fit your bathroom theme well.


Apply these considerations for your full bathroom revamp!


You see? Toilets definitely play significant factors for bathroom renovation. And these factors can help you plan the project for ideal home renovation results. Now, remember that you should hire reliable bathroom renovators in Melbourne to help you.


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