Steps to Preserving the Quality and Looks of Your Vinyl Flooring

When it comes to the type of flooring that you can have for your home, vinyl is one of your best options. Aside from the fact that it is cheaper compared to other flooring material, it is easy to install and is capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic and wear and tear. However, you should remember that it also requires more effort on your end to maintain it compared to other material, such as ceramic. Also, it is more prone to showing dirt and stains. Nonetheless, preserving its looks is not that difficult to do. Aside from getting vinyl cleaning Adelaide offers, here are 4 steps that you can take to keep your vinyl floor looking good for many years:

1. Keep it clean.

While you need professional vinyl cleaning Adelaide has at certain times of the year, you also need to do some regular cleaning on your own. To prevent dirt and dust to accumulate on this type of flooring, you can clean it daily with a broom. You can also give it a vacuum and some wet cleaning at least once a week. To ensure a thorough clean, you should move furniture pieces around, so you will not miss a spot under and along their bases.

When it comes to the cleaning solution, you can use vinegar as a homemade alternative to chemicals. Aside from being affordable, vinegar is also effective in getting rid of dirt and grime on vinyl. It also serves as a disinfectant. However, you should avoid using white or red wine vinegar, as it has higher acid and salt content that can cause permanent damage. The best type to use is apple cider vinegar.

2. Remove stains immediately.

At some point after getting professional vinyl cleaning Adelaide offers, stains would show on your floor. When you notice some graze or scratch marks, you should take action as soon as possible.

For those that cannot be removed with vinegar and soap-water solution, you can add some lubricating cleaner to soften them first. For food stains, from spills of sauce and ketchup, you can remove them by gently rubbing the affected area with a mixture of baking soda and water. For ink stains and crayon marks, you can use rubbing alcohol and mineral spirits, respectively.

Remember—remove stains as soon as they show up, as they can get stubborn with time.

3. Polish it from time to time.

As any Adelaide vinyl cleaning company would suggest, you should polish your vinyl floor regularly to prevent it from losing its shine and luster. Equally important to use the right cleaning solution, you should also apply the correct product when polishing. Make sure that you know the type of vinyl that you have installed. Typically, you would have a wax or no-wax floor. To make sure that your polish is compatible with your flooring, go for those with the same brand as your vinyl.

4. Observe some protective measures.

Getting professional vinyl cleaning in Adelaide would be useless if you do not know how to protect your floor. Make no mistake—protection will significantly extend the life of your flooring. For example, you can place some doormats that you can use to remove grit from your shoes, which can cause scratches, stains, and discolouration, especially in high-traffic areas. Another tip is to reduce your floor’s exposure to direct sunlight by closing curtains or blinds when natural light is not needed.

Taking care of your vinyl floor can keep it looking good and extend its life. By using the right methods and solutions, as well as taking protective measures, you will have a floor that you will enjoy for many years.

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