How to Take Care of the Trees on the Property You Are Managing

Commercial landscaping is no easy task. Keeping the area surrounding your commercial property looking as good as you want it to requires a lot of work. There are many components to proper landscaping management and this will need specialists who can handle such tasks—for tree handling, you will need a commercial tree specialist, for irrigation, you will need an irrigation specialist and for the removal of weeds, a weed control expert is required.

Not all landscaping needs are the same. It is not a one-size-fits-all service that you can get from a provider. For each commercial property, specialised plans are put together to ensure that the landscaping is cared for the way it should be. Property managers are not supposed to be tasked with the upkeep of the landscaping of the buildings they manage. They are supposed to help find the right people to do this for them.

When it comes to tree maintenance, you will need to exercise your power as a property manager to get the right kind of help you need. Property manager tree removal requests can be sent to landscaping companies that specialize in commercial landscaping with tree handling. The same goes for property manager tree maintenance requests. You can send these to your chosen commercial landscaping company to get the right people on the job.

What is Commercial Tree Maintenance?

Commercial landscaping companies have a long list of services that property managers can choose from. If there are trees on the property that you manage, then you will need a commercial tree specialist to help you with these. Commercial tree maintenance is what they specialize in and they can help keep the trees on your property healthy and great looking.

They offer services such as tree pruning, tree trimming, fertilization, and even removal when trees are no longer healthy or cannot be nursed back to health. Also called an arborist, a commercial tree specialist is also tasked with the pruning and trimming of shrubs on your property, removal of tree stumps, and removal of fallen branches or broken ones after a storm.

If the property you manage is strata however, strata tree maintenance is usually dependent on where the tree can be found. If it is within the confines of a lot owned by a specific home, then it is not the property manager’s responsibility. If it is found on property that is common to the corporation, then the property manager needs to take care of its upkeep.

Whatever the case may be, if you need help with the landscaping needs of the property that you manage, you should contact a specialist that handles commercial landscaping. Choose one that specifically has services that cover trees and their maintenance. One such company that you can trust with this is Skyline Landscape Services. They offer a wide array of landscaping services that include landscape maintenance as well as management, grounds maintenance, irrigation, environmental management, and tree care.

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