How to Pick the Best Student Accommodation in Brisbane

Want to have a smoother arrival and adjustment period as an international student in Brisbane? Then make sure you make living arrangements before your trip. Thanks to the influx of people who travel to Australia to study, you have plenty of options when choosing accommodation near Griffith University Brisbane or other schools in the city.

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If you want to pick the best accommodation, use these five tips.

1. Determine how much you can afford

Undoubtedly, budget plays a big role in a student’s life, especially when they are living abroad. Research how much the cost of living and rent will be at around the time you’ll be in Australia. Then determine how much you will need and how much you can actually afford for accommodation and other expenses while studying there.

This can help narrow down your options and keep you realistic when choosing where to stay.

It also helps to factor in how long you’ll be staying. If you’ll be living there for just a few months, then opt for short term student accommodation Brisbane options. Student One residences ask only a minimum of 4 weeks from their residents so check out their rooms, studios, and apartments.

2. Decide how near you want to be to your school

In order to save more, some choose to live outside the city even if it’s quite far from their university. However, with increasing transportation costs, the savings you may get from cheaper rental rates could just end up going to commute expenses.

Consider renting accommodation near Griffith University Brisbane or whichever school you’re attending. You can cut transport costs and travel time to get to your classes. And most student accommodations in the city provide complete facilities that can make your study abroad experience a whole lot easier so paying extra can be well worth it.

3. Choose the type of accommodation that is ideal for you

Would you be comfortable living in a shared room or apartment? Or would a single studio be better? Of course, expect to pay more when going for single accommodation options.

If you’re thinking about renting a house alone or with other students, determine if you are prepared to take on the responsibilities of a tenant such as repairs. Landlords are supposed to help, but you won’t be guaranteed of their availability 24-7. You’ll also have to pay for utilities, so that’s another expense to add to your budget.

On the other hand, in campus accommodation for University of Queensland or other school residences and purpose-built student apartments or studios usually already include utilities in the monthly rent. Plus, there is staff on standby who can take care of repairs and other concerns.

4. Prioritise safety

As a newcomer, you want to feel safe and secure in your new surroundings as much as possible. You want to be able to leave your belongings in your room without any worries. You want to be able to walk on the streets even at night without feeling anxious all the time.

Check if your prospects for accommodation near Griffith University Brisbane have 24-hour staff and security. Also, do some research on the neighbourhood and check how student-friendly the locality is.

5. Check the facilities

You will definitely need a reliable internet connection to do your school work, so make sure that it’s available at the University of Queensland campus accommodation of your choice.

Aside from good Wi-Fi, what are the other amenities you require? Some purpose-built student accommodations include the free use of a gym, pool, game room, cinema, barbecue area, and study centre.

Get to know what each facility offers to make your life as an international student a whole lot easier and better.